Vol. 1, No. 1

Article 2008 The use of innovational approach toward agricultural tourism forming and development as a field of the tourism and recreation venture of the western region Malyuta, L.
Article 2008 Innovations as priority directions of development of tourist sphere of ukraine Nahornyak, Golovko, S.
Article 2008 Enterprise`s integrational marketing communications Krauze, O.
Article 2008 Competitiveness of tourist - recreation industry of the western region, value of transport services Bakay, Natalya MykhaylivnaKalushka, Lubov Volodymyrivna
Article 2008 Marketing capitalizationg as a factor of tourist`s enterprise`s competitiveness Melnyk, L.
Article 2008 Enterprise`s insurance pecularities in the tourism and recreational process Pogaydak, O.
Article 2008 Prospects of development of ecological and in a civilized manner cognitive tourism are in area of dnestr canyon Orobchuk, B.
Article 2008 Enterprises of spreed-hawking trade in tourism development conditions Mulyarchuk, V.
Article 2008 Law regulation of the social tourism development nowadays Flissak, A.
Article 2008 Condition and courses of tourist`s and recreational field`s development in ternopil region Lisevich, М.Bytsyura, L.
Article 2008 State of tourist activity and management of functioning of tourist enterprises financial aspects Mashliy, G.
Article 2008 Forming of the ecotourism`s strategy development in Ukraine Kyrych, N.