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Vol. 15, No.2

31-Oct-2016 Title pages --
31-Oct-2016 Content --
31-Oct-2016 Enhancing of innovation and investment activity of domestic enterprises Radynskiy, Serghiy; Krauze, Olga
31-Oct-2016 Analysis socio-economic problems to ensure road safety in Ukraine Mychkovych, Olga
31-Oct-2016 Investment in human capital as a factor of innovative development of Ukraine’s economy Kovalchuk, Viktor; Shakhno, Alena
31-Oct-2016 Institutional preconditions for mediation reform in Ukraine Tatiana, Kyselova
31-Oct-2016 Cultural and religious landmarks and “corruption traps” of socio-economic systems Dluhopolskyi, Oleksandr; Ivashuk, Yuriy
31-Oct-2016 Modernization concepts of industry Klimuk, Vladimir
31-Oct-2016 Concept and analysis of staffing in management of health facilities of the Ternopil region Lishtaba, Lyudmyla
31-Oct-2016 Challenge of guarding online privacy: role of privacy seals, government regulations and technological solutions Bhasin, Madan
31-Oct-2016 Problems of demographic aging and its influence on economic growth of a society Kyrych, Nataliia; Slobodian, Nataliia
31-Oct-2016 Problems functioning of the technology transfer of scientific educational activities in logistics Karpenko, Olena; Kovalchuk, Svitlana;Vovk, Yuriy; Hyryla, Ihor; Shevchuk, Oksana
31-Oct-2016 Contract theory: Selected issues of accounting and analysis Luchko, Mykhailo
31-Oct-2016 Basic operating principles of electronic marketplaces and their adaptation to industrial business Khyzhnyak, Olena
31-Oct-2016 Evaluation of economic development differentiation of regions of Ukraine Omelchenko, Oksana Ihorivna
31-Oct-2016 Regional industrial innovation system for effective management of development of the regional industrial complexes strategic potential Chuprina, Margaryta
31-Oct-2016 Risk in the accounting system: factors, nature and criteria of recognition Korolyuk, Tetyana


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