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Scientific Journal
"Socio-Economic Problems and the State"
Socìalʹno-ekonomìčnì Problemì ì Deržava)
(Socìalʹno-ekonomìčnì Problemì ì Deržava)

General requirements for articles

The collection of scientific papers "Socio-Economic Problems and the State" accepts manuscripts of scientific works that have never been published and are not intended for simultaneous publication in other journals. The volume of the manuscript - 6-8 pages (15-25 thousand marks as an exception, not more than 40 thousand marks, along with tables and figures). Number of authors - not more than three. Materials for publication in scientific journal should be submitted in Ukrainian, Russian or English.

The editorial takes to publication articles onlyon compliance with requirements set by Resolution of the Presidium of the Higher Certificate Commission of Ukraine "About increase of requirements concerning specialized edition which are included in the lists of HCC of Ukraine" dated January 15, 2003 № 7-05/1, which includes the following required structural elements:

  • statement of the problem in general form and its connection to important scientific and practical tasks;
  • analysis of recent research and publications where beginning of solution of existing problems is and on which the author refers to;
  • unsolved aspects of the problem, separation of unsolved earlier parts of general problem to which article is dedicated;
  • task formulation – formulation of article`s goal;
  • main material exposition with scientific results argumentation;
  • conclusions and recommendations for further researches in the direction..

To the article are attached:

  • 1 copy of the article in printed form and electronic version;
  • information about authors (surname, first name, patronymic, place of employment, position, academic degree, title, address, e-mail, phone).



Journal Submission until Publication date
No. 1 April 1 June 1
No. 2 October 1 December 1


Term for confirmation of the article acceptance for publication:
Within 45 workdays as of the date of receiving the article.


Authors are responsible for exactness of the contained information.

The submitted material must be original, not published previously in other editions. The author undertakes obligation not to publish the text elsewhere which is submitted for publication in the journal. In case of subsequent publication elsewhere, reference of electronic address of the journal is indispensable. Authors are responsible for originality of the text, the authenticity of presented facts and data, proper names, geographic names and other information.

Manuscripts arranged without taking into account requirements are not considered.

Articles are published exceptionally by voluntary contributions of the authors.





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