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Vol. 29, No.2

TypeIssue DateDate of entryTitleAuthor(s)
Article Dec-2023 29-Dec-2023

Socio-Economic Problems and the State. Title page 2(29) 2023

Article Dec-2023 29-Dec-2023

Content. Socio-Economic Problems and the State. Title page 2(29) 2023

Article Dec-2023 29-Dec-2023

Study of export and import turnover of the regional development of the national economy by the method of clustering objects in the context of European integration processes

Harmatii, Serhii
Article Dec-2023 29-Dec-2023

Possibilities of implementing international advanced knowledge and experience in sustainable development of smart cities and territorial communities of Ukraine

Panukhnyk, Olena; Kurakh, Oleksandr
Article Dec-2023 29-Dec-2023

Activation of innovative and investment activities of industrial enterprises at the current stage

Radynsky, Sergii; Kolinets, Lesya
Article Dec-2023 29-Dec-2023

Ensuring the competitiveness of the hospitality industry enterprises

Fedyshyn, Iryna; Boiko, Alina
Article Dec-2023 29-Dec-2023

Marketing analysis of the competitiveness of subfirst industries on the market of organic products in the conditions ecologization

Panchenko, Mariia; Ilchenko, Hanna
Article Dec-2023 29-Dec-2023

The influence of geopolitical factors on the functioning of tourism in Ukraine

Kondratska, Liliya
Article Dec-2023 29-Dec-2023

Analysis of the international road freight transport market in Ukraine under martial law

Dmytriv, Dmytro; Dmytriv, Olena; Repak, Oleksandr
Article Dec-2023 29-Dec-2023

Cross-border cooperation as an important driver of international business tourism development

Zghurska, Yuliia
Article Dec-2023 29-Dec-2023

Issues of security and recovery of the tourism industry of Ukraine under the conditions of marital state

Maliuta, Liudmyla; Halytska, Iryna; Severina, Yuliia
Article Dec-2023 29-Dec-2023

Assessment of target indicators of business development in its regulatory mechanism

Mamchur, Volodymyr; Germaniuk, Nataliia
Article Dec-2023 29-Dec-2023

Information and communication trends of the modern world

Semenіuk, Svitlana
Article Dec-2023 29-Dec-2023

Craft production of cheese as a prospective ecoproduct for restaurants

Polova, Lesya

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