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Vol. 10, No.1

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Article May-2014 Influence of information technologies is on principles and functions of record-keeping Osmyatchenko, Volodymyr Oleksandrovych
Article May-2014 The impact of the knowledge process offshoring on the enterprise intellectual capital development : polish experience Sobko, Olha Mykolaivna
Article May-2014 Epistemological analysis of public and private goods in the public finances theory Konstantiuk, Nataliia Ivanivna
Article May-2014 Demographic determinants of formation and use of human capital in Ukraine: differential analysis and forecast Melnychuk, Dmytro Petrovych
Article May-2014 Public policy in the sphere of business development support Mazurenok, Oksana Romanivna
Article May-2014 Some issues of information technologies application in logistics of pharmaceutical industry product distribution Andrushkiv, Bohdan Mykolayovych; Palasiuk, Bohdan Myhaylovych
Article May-2014 Ecological and economic principles of rational agricultural lands use based on landscape Bryndzya, Olena
Article May-2014 Industrial parks as an innovative vector of industrial production development Malyuta, Lyudmyla Yaroslavivna
Article May-2014 Innovation management – the ultimate resource of economic growth in engineering enterprises Boiko, Ostap
Article May-2014 Institutional environment of the retail trade in Ukraine: current state and problems Mazur, Olena Yevgeniyivna; Sahatskiy, Mykola Pavlovych
Article May-2014 Informational support of logistic system in financial flows management at the enterprises Smyrychynskiy, Valentyn Vasyl`ovych
Article May-2014 Information-analytical and resources for diagnosing the underlying performance indicators of environmental management Dragan, Iryna Vasylivna
Article May-2014 Crowdsourcing is modern finance and marketing enterprise strategy Khymych, Iryna Grygorivna
Article May-2014 Methods construction of the right investment decision-making the stock market Shuklin, German Viktorovych
Article May-2014 Organizational and economic mechanisms for increasing the international competitiveness of the tourism sector in Ukraine Antonyuk, Kateryna Viktorivna
Article May-2014 Education component of labor potential and its manifestations in professional standards Melnychuk, Olga Petrivna
Article May-2014 Some peculiarities of service facilities work organization under pre-European adaptation conditions of Ukrainian society (humanitarian and ecological aspects) Pohaydak, Olga Bohdanivna
Article May-2014 Reasons of emergence and consequences of cyclic vibrations or crisis for national economies Tkach, Ivan Mikholayovich; Dubrovina, Olena Oleksandrivna
Article May-2014 Problems of Ukraine trade potential development Sydiaga, Bohdan Volodymyrovych
Article May-2014 Social freedom as a prerequisite for social responsibility of economic agents in Ukraine Zvonar, Viktor Pavlovych
Article May-2014 Strategic alliances as instrument of international cooperation in the field of high-tech Okhrimenko, Oksana Onufriivna; Cherniuk, Vitalii Ivanovych
Article May-2014 Theoretical and applied aspects of realization and management of enterprises social functions Hrebenok, Inessa
Article May-2014 Transformation processes in the banking system under globalization Iukhymenko, Tetiana Vasylivna
Article May-2014 The ways of strengthening positions of domestic banks on Ukrainian banking services market Vladymyr, Olha Mykhajlivna
Article May-2014 Labour resource security of Ukraine in the regional dimension Kapitan, Volodymyr Olehovych
Article May-2014 Management of competitiveness enterprise in modern terms Spivak, Serhii Mykhaylovych
Article May-2014 Cognitive governance. Cognitive mapping and cognitive conflicts. Structural analysis with the MICMAC method Nassreddine, Garoui
Article May-2014 Critical analysis of the influence of transnational capitalism on institutions and organizations Vargas-Hernández, José G.
Article May-2014 Customs and trade security policy Adomavičiūtė, Danutė
Article May-2014 Exponential smoothing for financial time series data forecasting Kuzhda, Tetyana Ivanivna;
Article May-2014 Trade defence in European Union Rimkus, Vladas


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