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Vol. 14, No.1



Other 30-May-2016 Title pages -
Other 30-May-2016 Content -
Article 30-May-2016 Concept of forming organizational and economic mechanism with Ukrainian tourist complex of the process type Shymanska, Victoriia
Article 30-May-2016 Coaching as a new method of human resources management Kotovska, IrynaOksentyuk, RomanVovk, Yuriy;
Article 30-May-2016 Evaluation of scientific approaches to interpretation of enterprise strategy essence and its substantive characteristics Saukh, Iryna;
Article 30-May-2016 The Action Plan of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in 2016, a glimmer at the end of the tunnel and evidence that the government really wants to act, or profanity? Andrushkiv, Bohdan;
Article 30-May-2016 Tourism reform as an instrument of social-economic development of Ukraine Zhuk, Iryna;
Article 30-May-2016 Analysis of macroeconomic development of Ukraine Fedyshyn, Iryna;
Article 30-May-2016 A socio-economic problem regarding poplar plantation and a problem solving model by AHP Azizi, MajidMohammadzadeh, Kazem
Article 30-May-2016 Clusters as stimulators of businesses and regional development Dmuchowski, RobertSzmitka, Stanisław
Article 30-May-2016 Corporate governance, HRM practices and organizational performance Ibrahim, Hazril IzwarZulkafli, Abdul Hadi
Article 30-May-2016 Effects of fiscal policy and exchange rates on aggregate output in Bulgaria Hsing, YuKrenn, Mario
Article 30-May-2016 Enterprise capability and its competitiveness Kuzhda, TetianaVovk, Iryna;
Article 30-May-2016 Istanbul Anti-corruption Action Plan as a basis for anti-corruption reforms in Ukraine Bakunchyk, Liliia;
Article 30-Май-2016 Management strategies of the UK Veggeland, Noralv
Article 30-May-2016 Migration in the context of economy state regulation in Ukraine Hirman, AllaVolkova, Natalia;
Article 30-May-2016 Problems of development of Ukrainian stock market Naumenko, Klym;
Article 30-May-2016 Protection of soil in Poland within implementation of rural development programs (PROW) Kazakova, IrynaAdamska, Hanna;
Article 30-May-2016 Safety of visually impaired and partially sighted people on rail platforms in Poland – existing state and mistakes committed Poliński, JanuszOchociński, Krzysztof
Article 30-May-2016 Selected regional competitiveness assessment models Chrobocińska, Katarzyna
Article 30-May-2016 The causes of appearance and ways of staff`s demotivation solving in organizations Halushchak, Olha;Halushchak, Mykhailo;
Article 30-May-2016 The development of the construction company's pricing policy Seleznova, Olha;
Article 30-May-2016 The diversity of the economic situation of households selected EU countries Grzywińska-Rąpca, Małgorzata
Article 30-May-2016 The transformation of vocational qualification structure of workers in the new economy Arzamasova, Oksana;



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