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Vol. 8, No.1

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Article May-2013 Targeting of social assistance as a way to improve the methods of planning of social expenditures Piskun, Kateryna Viktorivna
Article May-2013 Analysis of opportunities value theorems for safety assessment information Yadranskyj, Dmytro Mykolayovych
Article May-2013 Crisis Management in the process of improving the quality of the loan portfolio of banks of Ukraine Manzhos, Svitlana Borysivna
Article May-2013 Basic strategy as a basis for enterprise development Hryhorieva, Liudmyla Volodymyrivna
Article May-2013 Determinants of competitive advantage in the cruise industry of Ukraine Logunova, Natalia Anatolyevna
Article May-2013 Benchmarking models investigation Kyrych, Nataliya BohdanivnaShveda, Nataliya Mykhajlivna
Article May-2013 Current research directions definition of economic securityCurrent research directions definition of economic security Falovych, Anna
Article May-2013 Ecologization of intenational relations in the sphere of marine resources use Stepanova, Kateryna Vyacheslavivna
Article May-2013 The application of a system balance calculations in additional needs in the working staff at regional industrial enterprises Savchenko, Vasyl AntonovychTкаchuk, Vyacheslav Oleksandrovych
Article May-2013 Innovation policy as a basis for improving the international competitive status of the national economy Malyuta, Lyudmyla YaroslavivnaLibus, Tatiana
Article May-2013 Classification of enterprise expenditures Ostapenko, Tetyana Mykolayivna
Article May-2013 Classification of risks and their influence on Efficiency of commercial farm units Ostapenko, Olga Mykolayivna
Article May-2013 Competitive development of the agricultural enterprises France Yushkevych, Olena Oleksandrivna
Article May-2013 Management of educational innovations: the nature and characteristics of the implementation Litvin, Lubov MyroslavivnaGorbatyuk, Roman Mykhaylovych
Article May-2013 Methodological principles and practical aspects of assessing the competitiveness of banks Bazadze, Kamila Mamukivna
Article May-2013 Methodology of the environmental contradictions management Petrushenko, Mykola Mykolayovych
Article May-2013 Mechanism of stability development of machine building enterprises Vasylyuk, Andriy Petrovych
Article May-2013 Modelling of the innovative organizational and economic mechanism in the agricultural resource management Roshchina, Yuliya Viktorivna
Article May-2013 Possibilities of strengthening the position of domestic banks on the Ukrainian currency market Vladymyr, Olha Mykhalivna; Palianytsia, Viktor Anatoliyovich
Article May-2013 Organizational and economic mechanism of the fruit and vegetable market Yasnolob, Ilona Oleksandrivna
Article May-2013 Organizational-economic basis of extractive industry enterprises adaptation to the external environment Orlova, Kateryna Evhenijivna
Article May-2013 Estimation of macroeconomic indices effect on stock PFTS index dynamics Andrienko, Valentina Mykhaylivna
Article May-2013 Prospects for control of production costs based on computerization Matviychuk, Mariya Zinoviyivna
Article May-2013 Approach to determination of social and economic education efficiency Matiuk, Tetiana Volodymyrivna
Article May-2013 Causes and analysis of food prices volatility: consequences for enterprises’ modernization Valinkevych, Nataliya Vasylivna
Article May-2013 The problematic aspects of processes of introduction and using the program–purposeful method of budgeting for programs of supporting and development of small business Vatamanyuk–Zelinska, Ulyana ZenoviyivnaZmurkevych, Nadia
Article May-2013 Prognostication of measuring energy efficiency of regional industrial production taking into account scales of developed of him strategic potential Demeshok, Olha OleksandrivnaKhudoley, VeronykaMykytenko, Victoria Volodymyrivna
Article May-2013 The development of human resources with the use of quality management tools Garmider, Larissa Dmitrіvna
Article May-2013 Relevant factors of stability of the financial sector Lunyakov, Oleh Volodymyrovych
Article May-2013 Small business infrastructure development. Problems and ways to improve Pyvovarov, Mikhaylo Hryhorovych
Article May-2013 The state and prospects of development of Ukrainian’s agriculture enterprises goverment financing Tanklevska, Nataliya StanislavivnaSuprun, Olga Oleksandrivna
Article May-2013 The essence and place of the internal audit in the corporate management of a joint stock company Smetanko, Oleksandr Vasylyovych
Article May-2013 Theoretical and methodological principles of an increase in the effective functioning of sоcio-economic systems Tsikh, Halyna VolodymyrivnaKukhniy, Lesya Stepanivna
Article May-2013 Technological regimes in the context of the aspirations of economic systems for the ideal Vasilenko, Valentyn Oleksandrovych
Article May-2013 Management technologies by structural transformations in the real sector of economy Belova, Alla; Kuzmenko, Ruslan
Article May-2013 Management of competitiveness integrated industrial structures Rotanov, Gennadij Mykolayovych
Article May-2013 Factors of Ukrainian fisheries deterioration in terms of industrial enterprises mechanism of management formation Yarkina, Natalya Mykolayivna
Article May-2013 Financial relations of mandatory accumulative pension insurance subjects in the context of new pension legislation in Ukraine Rudyk, Volodymyr Kasyanovych
Article May-2013 Diversification as a direction of enterprise's stabilization Fedyshyn, Bohdan PetrovychFedyshyn, Iryna Bohdanivna;


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