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Vol. 7, No.2

Other November-2012 001_Main Page_2012_2_7 -
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Article November-2012 Development strategy choice for state-owned companies in machine-building industry as a result of economic potential diagnostics Marakhovska, Kseniya Andriyivna
Article November-2012 Application of methods spam and doorway in the promotion of the product on the internet Oksentyuk, Roman Andriyovych
Article November-2012 Leadership style effect on the personnel management efficiency Kalushka, Lyubov Volodymyrivna
Article November-2012 Impact of financial and economic crisis in sector commercial banks Sweden Nanavov, Anton Semenovych
Article November-2012 State and business sector in Ukraine: the genesis and characteristics of relationship

Bila, Iryna Serhiivna

Nasikan, Nina Ivanivna

Article November-2012 Deficit of the budget: essence, reasons and management Mashko, Andriy Ivanovych
Article November-2012 Some aspects of the analysis of raw material losses and use of the woodworking industries waste Stetsyuk, Nadiуa Yevhenivna
Article November-2012 Investigation of innovation development of the mechanical engineering enterprises considering the main risk factors

Halushchak, Olha Yaropolkivna;

Zharovska, Nadiya Yuriyivna

Article November-2012 Eco-marketing as an instrument of a company image improvement

Shpylyk, Svitlana Vasylivna;

Falovych, Volodymyr Andriyovych

Article November-2012 Foreign capital in the banking market of Ukraine

Podchesova, Valeriya Yuriyivna;

Sydorenko, Mykhaylo Yuriyovych

Article November-2012 Classification signs are in activity logistic centers Strutynska, Iryna Volodymyrivna
Article November-2012 Liquidity in diversification processes of industrial enterprises under crisis conditions

Mazurenok, Oksana Romanivna;

Synkevych, Nadiya Ivanivna

Other November-2012 Forest industry Carpathian region: problems and prospects Halushchak, Ihor
Article November-2012 Marketing intellectual assets: some approaches to estimation

Pinyak, Iryna Lyubomyrivna

Burlitska, Oksana Petrivna

Article November-2012 Methodological basis of planning the multilevel control system of the industry strategic potential development

Demeshok, Olha Oleksandrivna;

Mykytenko, Victoria Volodymyrivna

Article November-2012 Mechanism of financial support in reforming the heat supply sphere: problems and prospects of improvement Doroshenko, Valentina Viktorivna
Article November-2012 Imperfection of Ukrainian currency legislation as a barrier on the way of the banks currency activity development Vladymyr, Olha Mykhaylivna
Article November-2012 Organizational and economic control on providing the furniture factory competitiveness

Melnyk, Liliya Mykolayivna

Grod, Andriy Mykhaylovych

Article November-2012 Peculiarities of communication policy of ecological product promotion

Oksentyuk, Bohdana Andriyivna;

Oksentyuk, Andriy Oleksandrovych

Article November-2012 Some peculiarities of the human resources monitoring system development at the enterprise

Gizatulin, Artem Makhmutovych;

Novikova, Olena Viktorivna

Article November-2012 Special features of the company personnel policy development using outsourcing

Ozerchuk, Natalia Mykolayivna;

Sorokivska, Оlenа Anatoliyivna

Article November-2012 Peculiarities of resources maintenance organisational economical mechanism formation under the condition of social economical transformation of enterprises Vovk, Iryna PetrivnaPohaydak, Olha Bohdanivna
Article November-2012 Privatization in Ukraine: national interests, priorities and safety

Protskiv, Olha Petrivna

Article November-2012 Restructuring: definition analysis Vynnyk, Tetyana Mykhaylivna
Article November-2012 Companies development based on project management

Fedyshyn, Bohdan Petrovych

Yevtukh, Petro Sylvestrovych

Article November-2012 Development of significant accounting as consequential innovation process in science and technology Khorunzhak, Nadiya Mykhaylivna
Article November-2012 Development of productive forces in the aspects of system public administration Pashkevych, Marina Serhiyivna
Article November-2012 Public procurement system in Ukraine: theoretical aspects Katrosha, Liudmyla Volodymyrivna
Article November-2012 Current state and protection problems of information products as author's right subject-matter in the Internet

Nahorniak, Halyna Stepanivna;

Nahorniak, Iryna Stepanivna;

Oksentyuk, Zoryana

Article November-2012 Stochastic evaluation of power supply system efficiency (ERP)

Yevtukh, Petro Sylvestrovych;

Benderska, Iryna Ihoravna

Article November-2012 Strategic management competitiveness of a higher education Kozak, Оlena
Article November-2012 Theoretical research of the planning role in the enterprise strategic management Markovych, Iryna Bohdanivna
Article November-2012 Technical level of production in the system of enterprise competitiveness (methods and diagnostics)

Stoyko, Ihor Ivanovych

Vovk, Yuriy Yaroslavovych

Article November-2012 Potential management model creation under enterprise strategic development circumstances Malyuta, Lyudmyla Yaroslavivna
Article November-2012 Formation of sanitation potential as an instrument of light industry enterprises reorganization management

Larionova, Katerina Leonidivna

Donchenko, Tetyana Vitaliyivna

Article November-2012 Formation of managerial accounting system at the state higher educational institutions Pigosh, Vasyl Avgustynovych
Article November-2012 Ways of efficiency increase in marketing research management at agricultural machinery industry enterprises

Andrushkiv, Bohdan Mykolayovych;

Nyanko, Vitaliy Mykolayovych

Chaikivskyi, Ivan Adamovych


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