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Vol. 5, No. 2

10-nov-2011 Sustainable development of economy and priority derections of innovative activity Mosiy, Olha Boryslavivna;Mashliy, Galyna BohdanivnaMarchenko, Natalia Yaroslavivna
10-nov-2011 Analysis of implementation of innovation policy foreign countries Stoyko, Ihor IvanovychVovk, Yuriy YaroslavovychYurchak, Olha Serhiyivna
10-nov-2011 Analysis of possibility of financial system of the state to function in the special (crisis) period: experience of Great Patriotic war and state of the present Tkach, Ivan Mykolayovych
10-nov-2011 Bill in economic activity of ukrainian enterprises Luchko, Myhaylo Romanovych
10-nov-2011 Defining the economic essence of definition «providing efficiency» Kovalchyk, Olena Arnoldivna
10-nov-2011 Using of fuzzy and imitation models and cluster analysis for decision of marketing tasks Borisova, Tetyana MyhaylivnaBryndzya, Zinoviy Fedorovych
10-nov-2011 Introduction of system of collection and break-down of expenses on quality of products of processing enterprises: determination of economic efficiency Tymriyenko, Iryna Yuriyivna
10-nov-2011 Institutional issues to support operation innovation and logistics university Dudkin, Pavlo DmytrovychPalanytsya, Victor AnatoliyovychPalasyuk, Bohdan Mykhaylovych
10-nov-2011 Effective human resource management - key to successful functioning of the organization Oksentyuk, Andriy OleksandrovychOksentyuk, Roman AndriyovuchOksentyuk, Bohdana Andriyivna
10-nov-2011 Legislation strategic enterprises of machine building industry Kotovska, IrynaHalushchak, Olha Yaropolkivna
10-nov-2011 Application of factor analysis in evaluation of financial reliability of life insurance companies Malynych, Anna Mykolayivna
10-nov-2011 Mechanism of integration co-operation of regional socio-economic systems Tsado, Anna Victorivna
10-nov-2011 International practices of pensions’ second pillar forming in some world’s countries Panchenko, Iryna Valeriyivna
10-nov-2011 Modernization typologies industrial clusters Karapetian, Eduard
10-nov-2011 Neuromarketing: brand new tools identification Kolesnikov, Andrіy PavlovychShulhat, Nina
10-nov-2011 The main factors for export potential of Ukraine Polishchuk, Iryna Mykolayivna
10-nov-2011 Perspective of contemporary forms of reorganization and restructuring of banking institutions of Ukraine Borovok, Evgeniy Victorovych
10-nov-2011 Applied aspects of scientific activity, or how cheaper private housing construction Andrushkiv, Bohdan MykolayovychStoyko, Ihor IvanovychFedyshyn, Bohdan Petrovych
10-nov-2011 Problems of automation resource management through enterprise ERP-systems Vovk, Iryna Petrivna
10-nov-2011 Forecasting sales of production engineering company («Schreder») in the domestic market lighting equipment Falovych, Volodymyr Andriyovych
Bytsa, Volodymyr Yosypovych
10-nov-2011 Development views on the role and value of top managers Hryhorieva, Liudmyla Volodymyrivna
10-nov-2011 The role of organizational culture and economic in therevitalization of machsne-building enterprises Benderska, Iryna Ihorivna
10-nov-2011 Strategic management of innovation development of forestry industry complex Malyuta, Lyudmyla YaroslavivnaSpyrydonova, Yulia Serhiyivna
10-nov-2011 The structuring of media audiences in the system of political communication Lytvyn, Yulia Alexandrovna
10-nov-2011 The essence and types of economic stability of industrial factories Matushevskaya, Elena Anatolyevna
10-nov-2011 Improvement of logistics system wholesale trade companies at conditions of uncertainty Gizatulin, Artem Mahmutovych
10-nov-2011 Improvement of quality service based on common benchmarks and indicators Pohaydak, Olha Bohdanivna
10-nov-2011 A unified international risk management standard as a response to the challenges of globalization Strelbitska, Natalya Yevhenivna
10-nov-2011 A management of currency resources is mortgage of successful conduct of currency activity of bank Vladymyr, Olha Myhaylivna
10-nov-2011 Administration of state sector: problems and prospects Rudchenko, Oleksandr YuriyovychShkilnyak, Mykhaylo Mykhaylovych
10-nov-2011 Human resource management engineering companies Ukraine under crisis Redkva, Oksana ZinoviyivnaHalushchak, Olha Yaropolkivna
10-nov-2011 Ways of removal of legislative and regulatory contradictions in sphere of small-scale business state administration Mytnyk, Ulyana Mykolayivna


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