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Vol. 16, No.1


31-may-2017 Title page

31-may-2017 First page
  31-may-2017 Content
Article 31-may-2017 Live and work for the good of the people in the name of the State Tkachuk, M.
Article 31-may-2017 System of the non-state pension funding as means of material stimulation of personnel of service enterprises Yelisyeyeva, O.Kutova, N.
Article 31-may-2017 Organizational and economic principles of innovative development processes of national hotel and restaurant business structures in the tourism context Nahorniak, H.Maluta, L.Melnyk, L.Sherstiuk, R.
Article 31-may-2017 Some theoretical exploration in the conceptualization of social tension Siriy, E.
Article 31-may-2017 Solving the problems of loss-making enterprises in Ukraine as a mechanism of regional investment activity intensification Mashliy, H.
Article 31-may-2017 Effective communication and information events in a crisis situations Garmatiuk, O. Garmatiuk, А.
Article 31-may-2017 Marketing planning as a function of higher education institution management Semenyuk, S.
Article 31-may-2017 Methodological approach development for choosing the ways of activation of enterprises innovative activities Lutsykiv, I.
Article 31-may-2017 Optimization of economic efficiency of objects of nonprofit resource use Tkach, I.Malanchuk, M.
Article 31-may-2017 Features of tourism industry development in Ukraine (Ternopil region as a case study) Fedyshyn, І.
Article 31-may-2017 Meat-products cluster as an innovative tool of economic development of the region Mazurenko, O.
Article 31-may-2017 Modern information-communication technology use at surveys in higher education Machuga, R. н
Article 31-may-2017 Organization of communication process in informational links management Oksentyuk, R.
Article 31-may-2017 Ukrainian national currency: historical aspects of development and peculiarities of naming Vladymyr, O.
Article 31-may-2017 Theoretical aspects of security studies under enterprises conditions (Fundamental threats in system social and humanitarian space) Vivchar, O.
Article 31-may-2017 Current state of the country provision with meat and meat consumption tendencies in Ukraine Vlasenko, V. Levicky, I.
Article 31-may-2017 The conception of the industry regional development under transformational economy conditions Andrushkiv, B.Spivak, S.Sherstiuk, R.Kirich, N.Pogaidak, O.



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