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Vol. 28, No.1

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Socio-Economic Problems and the State. Title page 1(28) 2023

Article June-2023

Content. Socio-Economic Problems and the State. Title page 1(28) 2023

Article June-2023 Food security of Ukraine under the war aggression: current state and future perspectives

Artemenko, Liudmyla; Marynenko, Nataliia; Kramar, Iryna; Hats, Liubov

Article June-2023 Improvement of organizational and economic mechanisms for ensuring grain enterprises sustainable development in the post-war period (European contexts)

Andrushkiv, Bohdan; Kyrych, Nataliia; Tsikh, Halyna; Boyko, Ostap; Boyarchuk, Nazar

Article June-2023 Industry 4.0: State, problems, prospects of HoReCa in Ukraine

Stoyko, Igor; Dudkin, Pavlo; Dzhydzhora, Liliana

Article June-2023

Transformation of business models in the digital economy

Shveda, Nataliia; Krause, Olga
Article June-2023

Determination of synergic interaction possibilities and construction of a strategic development map of the "industrial enterprise - united territorial community" system in the context of the germinative vectors of development implementation

Hahaliuk, Olha
Article June-2023 Current trends and perspectives in the restaurant industry

Stoyko, Igor; Sherstiuk, Roman

Article June-2023

A new approach to the analysis of the high-tech exports dynamics (on the example of the Czech Republic)

Belov, Aleksandr
Article June-2023

Free Walking Tours: Ukrainian format

Aksonova, Natalia
Article June-2023 Business lending analysis during the war: state support programs

Khymych, Iryna; Vynnyk, Tetiana; Tymoshyk, Nataliia

Article June-2023

Democratic governance: conceptualization of foreign experience, analysis of the key theories and concepts

Humen, Yuriy
Article June-2023

Directions of the hotel, restaurant and tourist business development under transformation processes

Nosyriev, Oleksandr

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