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A new approach to the analysis of the high-tech exports dynamics (on the example of the Czech Republic)


A new approach to the analysis of the high-tech exports dynamics (on the example of the Czech Republic)


Belov, Aleksandr


Poltava State Agrarian University St. Skovorody 1/3, Poltava, Ukraine 36003

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Belov, A. (2023) A new approach to the analysis of the high-tech exports dynamics (on the example of the Czech Republic). Socio-Economic Problems and the State (electronic journal), Vol. 28, no. 1, pp. 53-65. URL:



Scientific Journal "Socio-Economic Problems and the State"



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Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University

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scientific and technical development
economic cycle
high-tech export

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The article is a part of general research of the numerical assessment of the country's scientific and technical development impact on its economic growth. It is included in its first part, in which the analysis of the production and the export of high-tech products dynamics in different world countries is considered. Such a research will make it possible for Ukraine to use certain positive experiences and take into account negative trends in the process of restoring its own economy in the post-war period. The purpose of the research is to apply the author's own approach to the analysis of the high-tech products export dynamics in the Czech Republic. As a tool of state regulation in the field of innovation, scientific and technical development, the author's methodology for analyzing the structure of the high-tech products export dynamics is proposed. The methodology reveals the economic meaning and makes it possible to distinguish the following components in the structure of the high-tech products export dynamics: uniform growth, accelerated growth and cyclical growth. It also allows to consider how the share of the cyclical component impact changes, if high-tech exports are considered as a share of all industrial exports and as a share of GDP, and also compared with the structure of the country's GDP dynamics as a whole. The research results testified that the Chech Republic’s high-tech export dynamics has a cyclical nature of development. Economic cycles with periods of 3.3 and 7.9 years are determined and the level of impact of the cyclical component on the general trend is calculated. It is revealed that the determined overall weighted impact of the cyclical component on the high-tech exports dynamics is quite significant and ranges from -20.17% to +16.04%. The obtained research results will ensure the implementation of an effective state policy for the Ukraine’s economy recovery in the post-war period.


The authors received no direct funding for this research.




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Scientific Journal "Socio-Economic Problems and the State"

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