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Vol.11, No.2

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Article Nov-2014 The problems diagnostics of innovation activity financing support in Ukraine Fedyshyn, Iryna Bohdanivna; Pylypyuk, Yaryna Vasylivna
Article Nov-2014 Innovative approaches in organization of investment and financial cooperation of entrepreneurial and banking business Vladymyr, Olha Mykhaylivna
Article Nov-2014 Research methodology of corporate rights essence Chernychynets, Svitlana
Article Nov-2014 International and domestic experience of the development reporting segment Ivchenko, Larysa; Khodzyts'ka, Valentyna
Article Nov-2014 Modeling of the process of regional innovation management within the economic space of the state Karmazina, Natalia
Article Nov-2014 Main types of technical facilities used in poland agricultural sector for obtaining energy from renewable sources of various nature Kalinichenko, Antonina; Gorb, Oleg; Kalinichenko, Olha
Article Nov-2014 The nature of social interests within the framework of societal and economic security research Nikolaiev, Evgen
Article Nov-2014 Problems of administration and returning of value added tax in Ukraine Koval, Oleksandr; Khorunzhyi, Oleksandr
Article Nov-2014 Рецензія на монографію «Парадигма розвитку і економічної безпеки малого і середнього підприємництва в системі національної конкурентоспроможності» к.е.н., доц. Скрипко Т.О. Zahors'kyy, Volodymyr
Article Nov-2014 Structuring of the intellectual capital of the academy Pinyak, Iryna Lubomyrivna; Burlitska, Oksana Petrivna
Article Nov-2014 Forensic accounting as a component of economic control: present and future Bugay, Nadia
Article Nov-2014 Current status of commercial banks transactions of ukraine with securities Havryliuk, Svitlana
Article Nov-2014 Theoretical principles of partnership internal economic organization and management by socio-humanitarian sphere in the conditions of industrial enterprise Andrushkiv, Bohdan Mykolayovych; Pohaydak, Olha Bohdanivna; Slobodian, Nataliia Oleksandrivna
Article Nov-2014 Theoretical and practical aspects of the competitiveness’ assessment of dairy industry at the Ukraine’s dairy market Shkarlet, Serhiy; Tarasyuk, Halyna; Balkovska, Varvara; Pohaydak, Olha
Article Nov-2014 Management accounting of formation and use of supplies at the enterprise Marushchak, Lesya
Article Nov-2014 Product quality as a key factor of the enterprise competitiveness Bilan, Oksanа
Article Nov-2014 Communication challenges with taking an organization global: a case study featuring meeting professionals international (MPI) Krzysztof, Celuch; Cecil, Amanda
Article Nov-2014 Factors determining the machine building company customer relationship support information Gevko, Volodymyr Leonidovych
Article Nov-2014 Internet marketing in insurance companies Litovchenko, Iryna Lvivna; Rulinska, Olga Volidymyrivna
Article Nov-2014 Analysis and argumentation of the present-day factors of Ukrainian agriculture Okselenko, Nataliia Oleksandrivna
Article Лис-2014 Confidence interval for economic forecasting Kuzhda, Tetiana; Halushchak, Mykhaylo


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