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Vol. 6, No.1



Other May-2012 001_Main Page_2012_6 -
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Article May-2012 Algorithm of the internet marketing product Oksentyuk, Roman
Article May-2012 Analysis of external and internal factors of crisis enterprises with gas supply and gasification of western region of Ukraine Garmatiuk, Oksana
Article May-2012 Analysis of structural macroeconomic indicators based on harmony approach Knyshenko, Tetyana
Article May-2012 Analysis of the forms of interaction in taxation in the information-oriented society Didenko, Anastasiya
Other May-2012 Визначні твори характеризують особистостей в науці чи навпаки, особистості в науці народжують визначні твори? Andrushkiv, Bogdan; Kyrych, Nataliya

Article May-2012 From specialization to diversification Shuran, Iryna
Article May-2012 Research of ensure problem process of environmental providing in business Sherstyuk, Roman
Article May-2012 Effective communication in HR – management Delia, Oksana
Article May-2012 Method of the innovation influence evaluation on the competitiveness of the industrial production Zhovkovska, Tetyana
Article May-2012 The methodical statutes monitoring of activity by innovative structures

Stoianovskii, Andrii

Baranovska, Sofia

Stoianovska, Iryna

Article May-2012 Intersectoral balance model as a tool to assess the impact of small businesses in economic development Pyvovarov, Mykhaylo
Article May-2012 International experience creation and development of financial clusters Zarichna, Nadia
Article May-2012 The drawbacks of legislative control in procurement of energy sources and municipal services for public funds in Ukraine

Halushchak, Mykhaylo

Pyndus, Tetiana

Article May-2012 Ground application for companies wind-energetic institutions in Ternopil region

Okopnyy, Lubomir

Kolesnikov, Andrei

Article May-2012 Peculiarities of the small businesses interaction to corporate sector of the economy

Sorokivska, Olena

Mashliy, Halyna

Article May-2012 Peculiarities of formation of the system of direct taxation of agriculture in the developed countries

Tulush, Leonid

Malinina, Nataliya

Article May-2012 Prospects and problems of mechanical engineering Korotaeva, Yulia
Article May-2012 Problems support economic stability Tkach, Ivan
Article May-2012 Program management of the machine building enterprises Vasylyuk, Andriy
Article May-2012 Development of tourist and recreational enterprise as a market institute Kunicyn, Sergey Volodymyrovych
Article May-2012 The role of the state innovation policy to ensure economic development of Ukraine

Nagornyak, Galina

Vovk, Yuriy

Article May-2012 Socioeconomic integration of immigrants as means of their human capacity effective realization Kuriy, Liliya
Article May-2012 Improvement of the organizational-economic mechanism of developing heat supply city system Doroshenko, Valentina
Article May-2012 Innovative aspects of environmental activities in service firms

Andrushkiv, Bohdan

Kyrych, Nataliya

Pohaydak, Olha

Article May-2012 Ukrainian market innovation and its future in the strategy «Europe 2020»

Stoyko, Ihor

Melnyk, Liliya

Article May-2012 Retail sales forecasting with application the multiple regression Kuzhda, Tetyana


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