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Vol. 12, No.1

Other 30-May-2015 001_Title page_2015_1_12_eng -, -
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Article 30-May-2015 Venture business and control of venture organizations under globalization Boiko, OstapPogaidak, OlgaKhariv, Petro
Article 30-May-2015 Dynamics of investment-driven and innovative development of Ukraine: realities and perspectives Luchko, MykhayloSavchuk, Leonid
Article 30-May-2015 Methodological features in selection and implementation of the company strategy in times of crisis Yuryk, Nataliya
Article 30-May-2015 The mechanism of protection property of against private expropriation Branovytskyi, Viktor
Article 30-May-2015 Economic efficiency substantiation of information products practical online promotion on the mechanical engineering plants Oksentyuk, Roman
Article 30-May-2015 Approaches to financial incentives improvement for staff in the hotel industry: foreign experience analysis Poltavska, Oksana
Article 30-May-2015 Role of internal audit in improving risk management in a volatile economy (on the example of PJSC "LebedinskyI seed plant") Bugay, NadiaMyhlyk, Yuliia
Article 30-May-2015 STRATEGY OF INTERORGANIZATION COLLABORATION: PRACTICAL ASPECTS Tarasiuk, GalynaProtasova, LarysaPohaydak, Olha
Article 30-May-2015 Central and Eastern European cities in globalized world Raźniak, PiotrWiniarczyk-Raźniak, AnnaNowotnik, Dariusz
Article 30-May-2015 Communist crimes in Polish criminal law Banasik, Katarzyna
Article 30-May-2015 Conceptual approaches of company development strategy considering the phase of industry consolidation and integration processes Mostenska, TetianaSkopenko, NataliaUdvorgeli, Kristina
Article 30-May-2015 Dairy plants financial and economic security evaluation Misko, GannaMaliuta, Oleksii
Article 30-May-2015 Economic assessment of losses caused by contamination of soil resources within effective their use Kucher, AnatoliyKazakova, IrinaKucher, Lesya
Article 30-May-2015 Efficient use of data resources using the example of meetings and events industry management in Poland Celuch, Krzysztof
Article 30-May-2015 E-mail-marketing – a new tool of communication policy institutions of higher education Semenyuk, Svitlana
Article 30-May-2015 Evaluation of the Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) competitiveness on the air carriage market Oleshko, Tamara
Article 30-May-2015 The impact of globalization for training of managers in Slovak industry Baková, LuciaChlpeková, Andrea
Article 30-May-2015 Innovations in time of crisis: realities and perspectives Fedyshyn, Iryna
Article 30-May-2015 International financial reporting standards and american generally accepted accounting principles: the convergence lessons Kuzina, Ruslana
Article 30-May-2015 Ranking of institutional barriers regarding management of medical equipment enterprises in municipal economic system Panukhnyk, IanaPanukhnyk, Olena
Article 30-May-2015 Significance of educational outcomes for society Vynnyk, TetianaKonstantiuk, Nataliia
Article 30-May-2015 Some aspects of the organizing of administrative management in organizations Halushchak, ОlhaHalushchak, Mykhailo
Article 30-May-2015 Sustainable enterprise development: essence and components Kuznetsova, InnaBalabash, Olga
Article 30-May-2015 The evolution of capital structure theories and their classification Korzh, Natalia
Article 30-May-2015 The question of changing the concept, role and functions of state Vargas-Hernández, José G.
Article 30-May-2015 The use of heat pumps in agrarian production

Kalinichenko, Antonina

Kalinichenko, Olha

Article 30-May-2015 Ukraine national interests in the social area and the threats towards their consummation Dubrovina, Olena; Novikov, Eduard; Tkach, Ivan
Article 30-May-2015 Specification of technoparks formation in the south of Ukraine Gubernyk, Arkadiy
Article 30-Тра-2015 Formulation and implementation of monetary policy of the National Bank of Ukraine by using inflation targeting Levchenko Roksolana


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