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Vol. 2 No. 1

Article 2009 Analysis of mechanisms of effective use of resources in enterprises of machine-building branch Vovk, Iryna; Vovk, Yuriy
Article 2009 Determination and classification of influence factors on the consumers’ demand formation Zhovkovsjka, Tetyana
Article 2009 Influence of financial crisis on an investment climate in Ukraine Borejko, Oksana
Article 2009 Effective management of innovative activity in the conditions of region, as a basis of realization of eurointegration potential of Ukraine Yamko, Pavlo
Article 2009 Bunch conflicts with innovation development of organization Sivchuk, Iryna
Article 2009 Communication of corporate culture with innovative activity of enterprises Hymych, Iryna
Article 2009 Innovative elements in activity coordination of economical processes improving on the regional level Flissak, Andriy
Article 2009 Innovative going is near development of antirecessionary strategy in modern terms Yuryk, Nataliya
Article 2009 Innovative approach towards cooperative relations forming in external economical activity on the regional level Flissak, Kostyantyn
Article 2009 Innovative technologies of controller's management of electro-supply of district electric systems Yevtukh, Peter; Orobchuk, Bogdan; Rafaljuk, Olexandr; Piskun, Sergiy
Article 2009 Innovation marketing – the prior goal of enterprise Zyaylyk, Mariya; Vivchar, Oksana
Article 2009 Estimating method of productivity of labour in the bakery sphere Stadnyk, Igor; Stadnyk, Roksolana
Article 2009 Optimization of marketing strategy by machine-building enterprises Ratynskyy, Vadym
Article 2009 The basis of innovation policy in conditions of unstable economy Fedyshyn, Iryna
Article 2009 Features of management of assets in the conditions of world financial crisis Yamko, Yuriy;
Article 2009 Pecularities of industry- financial groups’s forming in the conditions of es and cis and use of foreign experience for ukraine Boryk, Olga
Article 2009 Evaluation of investment-innovation activity effectiveness of enterprises Galushchak, Olga; Galushchak, Myhaylo
Article 2009 Perspectives of finance and credit maintenance improvement of regional innovation processes Sorokivska, Olena
Article 2009 Perspective of innovative development of building materials industry in the conditions of unstable economy Tsepenyuk, Nataliya; Fedyshyn, Bogdan
Article 2009 The long-term directions of increase of the effectiveness leading currency activity by the commercial banks of ukraine in the indetermination and transformation conditions Vladymyr, Olga
Article 2009 Development of venture business as a component of investment activity Chernychynets, Svitlana
Article 2009 A role of consulting resources in innovative development of ukraine economy Nagornyak, Galyna; Nagornyak, Iryna; Golovko, Svitlana
Article 2009 Situation of the innovation activity: regional aspects Mosiy, Olga; Kazmirchuk, Svitlana
Article 2009 Sphere of science and scientific maintenance as the object of the logistic system Dudkin, Pavlо; Стойко, Ігор;Stoyko, Igor
Article 2009 A development of ecological education on a base of some european union experience Zielińska, Anetta
Article 2009 Efficient consumer response as a method for achieving competitive edge Konsencjusz, Marta
Article 2009 Personal controlling as an early detector of company problems Zug, Magdalena; Lewicka, Agnieszka
Article 2009 The environmental impact assessment as an instrument of sustainable development Kuczuk, Anna; Grabowska, Monika


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