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Recommendations on Abstract writing

Recommendations on Abstract writing


Abstract is one of the shortened forms of a scientific text submitting. Its purpose is to draw the readers’ attention to the research by minimal number of language means.


The requirements to the abstract structure and content are as follows:

  • Information and content value. Abstract should be a summarized presentation of the paper content. Some general phrases, not important details and generally accepted statements shouldn’t be used in the abstract. Prehistory (the history of the subject) may be described only in case when it is essential to cover the aim of the research.
  • Singularity. Any repetitions of the article fragments should be avoided in the paper. The title of the article shouldn’t be repeated in the abstract.
  • Clarity, logic and coherence of presentation.
  • Small size. The submitted abstract size should be from 1800 to 2000 signs.


The following aspects of the article content should be presented in the abstract:

  • subject, topic, aim of the paper (in case when they are not specified in the title);
  • a method or methodology (they are to be described in case of their novelty or if they are of the paper under consideration interest);
  • results of the research (some new long-term results and data, important discoveries, conclusions refuting the conventional theories are preferable  as well as, in author’s opinion, the data of practical value);
  • conclusions (they may include recommendations, assessment, suggestions, assumptions described in the article).


It is not recommended:

  • to include formulae, tables, figures, schemes and diagrams in the abstract; 
  • to cite any sources from the references;
  • to use acronyms and symbols apart from generally accepted ones. In case of their important use, they must be interpreted.


It is important to remember in abstract writing that for the readers and experts in the specific field of knowledge the abstract is a short report that enables to determine the necessity of reading the whole article. The abstract is also important for the study under discussion novelty and singularity assessment.


The abstract and article title must be translated in English by a professional translator or an English teacher specialized in economic terminology! Translation services are not provided by the journal staff.

The articles with not properly written or translated abstracts cannot be published and any further working relationship with their authors will be impossible!!!


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