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Essence and main concepts of environmental-economic system


Essence and main concepts of environmental-economic system


Kyrych, N.,

Libus, T.



Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University, 56 Ruska str., 46001 Ternopil, Ukraine e-mail:
Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University, 56 Ruska str., 46001 Ternopil, Ukraine e-mail:

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Kyrych, N., & Libus, T. (2017). Sutnist ta osnovni poniattia ekolohoekomichnoi systemy [Essence and main concepts of environmental-economic system]. Socio-Economic Problems and the State. 17 (2), 191-198.

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Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University








general systems theory
environmental-economic system


The article approves the importance of an integrated approach to the problem of nature and society interaction. It has been emphasized with it the necessity of a common evolution (co-evolution) of human economic activity and the environment. Coevolution approach concentrates attention of cognitive process on the relationship between objects and coordination of evolutionary changes. The article is considered in detail the meaning of « system », as a separate concept. It is represented environmental-economic system in modern scientific researches, on the basis of which is formulated so-called descriptive and constructive definitions of this concept. This investigation considers framework of environmental-economic system functioning: the natural and economic environment. It has been formed the own position with regard to the question of the environmental-economic mechanism of action of, which takes into accounts the interaction of human economic activity with biological system. There is a necessity to investigate, in more detail, the character of influence of this system, especially to determined limits of action of these subsystems on each other.


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