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Authors:  Balabanits, Angelica
Gaponiuk, Olga
Affiliation:  Mariupol State University 129a Budivelnykiv Ave., 87500, Mariupol, Ukraine *e-mail: **e-mail:
Bibliographic description:  Balabanits, A., & Gaponiuk, O. (2019) Metodychnyi pidkhid do otsinky yakosti obsluhovuvannia spozhyvachiv hotelnykh posluh [The methodical approach to the assessment of the hospitality consumer service quality]. Sotsialno-ekonomichni problemy i derzhava [Socio-Economic Problems and the State] (electronic journal), Vol. 21, no. 2, pp. 259-270. Available at:
Issue Date:  dec-2019
Submitted date:  oct-2019
Publisher:  Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University


UDC:  338.46:640.4
JEL:  M31
Keywords::  customer orientation
marketing relations with consumers
quality of service
customer satisfaction
management of service quality
Pages:  259-270
First page:  259
Last page:  270

The essence of service quality as a key metric for assessing the customer-oriented approach of enterprises is defined in the article. The main problems arising under ensuring the service quality of the hospitality industry enterprises are described.  The conceptual approach to the structuring of service quality is grounded, the multicomponent content of this category is determined, the characteristics of such its components as: tangible advantages, consumer logistics, sales pattern, service support, reliability of relations, and competence of personnel are presented.

An expert study aiming at the definition of main problems in services sphere is conducted. There were asked 150 respondents who were consumers of domestic hotels services in Mariupol. Based on the research there are identified factors which influence on services quality. The results of the assessment of service quality components use level for researched enterprises based on the developed methodology are shown. A methodological approach to assessing the level of customer satisfaction is suggested. The advantages and weaknesses of the policy ensuring the service quality of the researched hospitality enterprises based on the conducted research are determined; measures to improve the service process and increase their level of customer orientation are grounded. It is suggested to pay attention to the process of complaints responding for researched enterprises, as well as to develop and introduce mechanisms for conflict situations solutions which will be beneficial while creating quality management system. It is noted that measures taken with the aim to increase services quality should be mentioned in synergistic impact strategies on the target market.

Keywords: customer orientation, marketing relations with consumers, quality of service, customer satisfaction, management of service quality.

ISSN:  2223-3822
Copyright owner:  Scientific Journal "Socio-Economic Problems and the State"
URL-releated material:
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Issue type:  Article
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