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Sales management function at the enterprise


Sales management function at the enterprise


Dyachun, Olga
Levytskyi, Vitalii


Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University, 56 Ruska str., 46001, Ternopil, Ukraine

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Dyachun, O. & Levytskyi, V. (2022) Sales management function at the enterprise. Socio- Economic Problems and the State (electronic journal), Vol. 26, no. 1, pp. 69-76. URL:

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Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University









management functions
sales activity
sales service
sales organization
planning of sales activities
accounting of sales results
sales control and organization





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The definition of the essence of sales management activities at the enterprise is presented. The list of sales functions at the enterprise is developed, the point of view on their composition is revealed. The content of the «sales market research» function as an initial function in the sales management system is clarified. Emphasis is placed on the functions of motivating employees who carry out the sales management activity and motivating other objects that are participants in the sales process. It is studied that the purpose of sales planning is to ensure sales tasks on the part of individual structural divisions of the enterprise. It is indicated that the sales market research function is performed in most cases by a separate specialized marketing department (marketing research department). It is concluded that regulation as a function of sales management is the development and implementation of measures based on the results of sales control aimed at improving its activity. It is noted that in the definition of the «sales management» concept, it is worth pointing out that it is aimed at the performance of its functions. Considerable attention is paid to the organization of sales activities. It is noted that it includes the creation of a sales service, organization of sales, delivery of goods to consumers, organization of distribution channels, organization of relations between the sales department and other structural units, etc. It is emphasized that an important function of sales management at the enterprise is its planning. Emphasis is placed on the content types of sales plans. Such a function of sales management is considered as operative work. It is noted that one of the sales functions is accounting of sales activities, and its types are outlined. A significant place is given to consideration of the motivational function of sales activity. The final function of the sales management process, which is sales control and regulation, is indicated. It is determined that the main functions of sales can be combined into three groups: planning, organization, control and regulation. It is emphasized that the final function of sales management is sales control and regulation.


The authors received no direct funding for this research.




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Socio-Economic Problems and the State

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