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Authors:  Onyshchenko, Yulia
Affiliation:  Odessa National University of Economics 66 Preobrazhenska str., 65082, Odessa, Ukraine e-mail:
Bibliographic description:  Onyshchenko, Y. (2019) Peredumovy formuvannia tsyfrovoi biznes-modeli bankiv v Ukraini [The background of the digital bank business model forming in Ukraine]. Sotsialno-ekonomichni problemy i derzhava [Socio-Economic Problems and the State] (electronic journal), Vol. 21, no. 2, pp. 192-200. Available at:
Issue Date:  dec-2019
Submitted date:  oct-2019
Publisher:  Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University


UDC:  336.71
JEL:  G20
Keywords:  bank
business model
digital economy
Global Competitiveness Index
European Innovation Scoreboard
World Digital Competitiveness Ranking
Pages:  192-200
First page:  192
Last page:  200

Theoretical approaches of domestic scientists to the definition of "digital economy" have been worked out in the article. In order to determine the background for the bank digital business model forming, indices reflecting the digital development level of countries have been analyzed. The following indices were analyzed: Global Competitiveness Index (GCI), European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS) and World Digital Competitiveness Ranking (WDCR). The Global Competitiveness Index makes it possible to assess both the level of financial market development and the country's innovative capabilities. An analysis of these indices in the period 2016-2019 has showed that there are a number of factors hampering the innovative development of Ukraine economy, as well as lack of analytical information about the results of innovative activity of business and banks that indicate that there is no suitable socio-economic environment capable for adopting and using the bank digital business model. Results of the conducted analysis showed that the level of banking system development in Ukraine, as well as its competitiveness is low, but the innovative potential of the country is significant, which indicates on the creation of conditions for the introduction of information and communication technologies, in particular, by banks as they interact with all sectors of the economy and population and can accelerate the country's innovative development. Ukraine is only at the stage of creating the foundations for the digital economy and the implementation of financial technologies by banks is unlikely to produce the expected result due to the lack of willingness of the individuals and business to make such changes. Conclusions on the bank digital business model forming in Ukraine have been made.


Keywords: bank, business model, digital economy, Global Competitiveness Index, European Innovation Scoreboard, World Digital Competitiveness Ranking.
ISSN:  2223-3822
Copyright owner:  Scientific Journal "Socio-Economic Problems and the State"
URL-releated material:
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9. Panteljejeva, N. M. (2019) Cyfrovi tekhnologhiji transformaciji biznes-modelej bankiv [Digital technologies of transformation of business models of banks] Proceedings of the International Scientific and Practical Internet Conference: Transformation of Financial-Credit Relations in the Digital Economy (Odessa, June 13-14, 2019). Odessa: ONEU.
Issue type:  Article
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