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Realization of Smart ideas: management and infrastructure aspects



Realization of Smart ideas: management and infrastructure aspects




Dudkin, P.
Dudkina, O

Dudkin, P.

Dudkina, O



Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University, 56 Ruska str., 46001 Ternopil, Ukraine  e-mail 

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Dudkin, P. Dudkina, O. Realizatsiia Smart idei: upravlinski ta infrastrukturni aspekty [Realization of Smart ideas: management and infrastructure aspects]. Socio-Economic Problems and the State. 17 (2), 56-64.

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Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University








institutional supply
Smart City
Smart idea startup
Inter-University Startup Center
innovative infrastructure
social start-up



The article reviews conditions of appearing and realization of smart-ideas. Some aspects of definitions like Smart city, Smart idea, Startup are defined in the context of their application and use in the innovative process. Necessity and importance of administrative aspects of introduction of smart-ideas for creation of market infrastructure are highlighted. Challenges that may occur during implementation of smart-ideas into practical economics using various available resources have been analyzed. Some practical aspects of activity of innovative structures like the University Startup Centers as a new form of innovative and investment infrastructure have been described. Meaning and mechanism of smart ideas startup have been analyzed under different conditions of their implementation. The ways of involving financial resources necessary for social startups implementation have been focused on.



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Scientific Journal "Socio-Economic Problems and the State", 2017

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