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Vol. 17, No.2, 2017

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1 Ways of improving moral and material interest in creative work (Experience of synthesis of state and public award systems in Ukraine) 4216
2 Objective necessity to provide policy of sustainable development of the country’s economy 4636
3 The role of the economic components in hops production in Ukraine 3929
4 Transaction costs of the national economy: essence, classification and evaluation 4941
5 Realization of Smart ideas: management and infrastructure aspects 4067
6 Theoretical-empirical provisions of the economic and management mechanism of personnel motivation for energy saving at the enterprise 3654
7 State regulation of innovative development of machine-building enterprises under unstable social conditions 3649
8 State and problems of investment processes promotion in Ternopil region 4593
9 Support of the enterprise production potential development under transition to sustainable development conditions 4171
10 Determination of intellectual capital-based trends and mechanisms of labor resources impact on the competitiveness of national machine-building enterprises 3749
11 Law of development and realization of the social responsibility concepts 3748
12 Crisis management in providing financial stability of the Ukrainian banking system: current state, problems and directions of improvement 4398
13 Implementation of socially responsible marketing to improve the competitiveness of export-oriented enterprise 4060
14 Development of enterprises of restaurant industry based on marketing principles 4171
15 Preconditions and principles of strategic marketing management of industrial enterprises of Ukraine 4039
16 A necessity for forming the investment portfolio of households 4989
17 Personnel potential management mechanism based on the concept of synergy 6357
18 Cameralism and cameralists: from the history of world financial thought 5420
19 Essence and main concepts of environmental-economic system 3950
20 Development of franchising in the world and in Ukraine 8070
21 Theoretical and practical principles of periodic assessment in contemporary business enterprise functioning 3791
22 About the nature of information and information in nature 4280

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