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Vol. 18, No.1, 2018

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1 Youth Unemployment and Higher Education, the Case of Slovenia 3214
2 Efficiency of public procurements if the conditions of the contract 4252
3 The role of "goodwill"in the activities of enterprises of the sphere of tourism in the context of environmental limitations 3966
4 Improvement of innovative levers of influence on ensuring of the efficiency of the activity of a production enterprise (ecological and economic aspects) 3947
5 Organization development components, process and performance 5035
6 Transfer innovations in the industry of animal farms 3626
7 Bagatorium concept of economic safety of industrial enterprise 3697
8 Quality and satisfaction of the stakeholders in the health care system of Poland 3485
9 Regional aspects of investment processes in Ukraine: state and problems of management improvement 3617
10 Factors and motives of external migration of Ukraine's population 4333
11 Indicators of activity and efficiency of the industry of Lviv region and Podkarpackie voivodship 3311
12 Business systems and business processes of modern enterprises: the interconnection and interdependence of structures and efficiency 3770
13 Exchange market of Ukraine: assessment of trends and main crisis activities of the stabilization policy 8091
14 Formation and consequences of the state-oligarchic model of Ukraine’s development 3724
15 Features of sales management in foreign markets 3495
16 Implementation of innovative management technologies of egovernance in local government Ternopil region for example 4233
17 Green economy: theory and practice of implementation in Ukraine 4127
18 Indicative mechanisms for solving problems of marketing consultation of industrial enterprises 3523
19 Transposition of sacral space in Poland as a result of desacralization of sacred objects 3732
20 Review of the monograph Vivchar Oksana Ivanivna "Economic security management of enterprises: socio-agency contents 7406
21 Review of the monograph Zhovkovska Tatyana Tarasivna «System-reflexial management by development of industrial enterprises: theory, methodology and practice» 7667
22 Review of the monograph Malyuta Lyudmila Yaroslavivna "Paradigm of ensuring economic safety of industrial enterprises in the conditions of institutional transformations of society" 7716
23 Review of the monograph Melnik Liliya Mykolaiivna " Ensuring the Sustainable Development of Industrial Enterprises by Means of Business Process Managemen: Theory, Methodology, Practice " 7862
24 Review of the monograph Olga Ivanovna Pavlykivska monograph "Management of the socially responsible activity of enterprises on the basis of the concept of accounting and controlling (theory, methodology, practice)" 7358
25 Scientific methods of regionalization of ukraine in the context of a sociological study of social tension 3683

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